Virtue Bookkeeping Services by Emilia Lopez

Is a cloud based QuickBooks Online accounting practice, offering added services:

Job Cost/ Project accounting & reporting, income Tax Return preparation & e-file, Cash Flow Management by allocation, to achieve constant growth.

!As the owner of Virtue Bookkeeping Services, I GUARANTEE you to handle books for you with the utmost respect and precision, leaving you to worry less and live more!

Results & benefits for my clients

  1.  To never be short on cash.
  2.  To always have money allocated for every need.
  3.  To achieve consistently increasing value of their company.

How? Using Profit Bookkeeping, the ‘cash flow by allocation’ system…


A great bookkeeper 

can be an essential advisor to help you grow your business.

  1. Correct categorized expenses, updated by the new tax reform & combined with tax planning calendar, will provide my clients overview of their tax liabilities, and readiness for tax return season.
  2. Regular business bank accounts reconciliation with attaching all needed receipts documentation.
  3. Regular reports to show my clients, how much they owe, and who is owing them, to achieve regulated and forecasted Cash Flow.
  4. Monthly company’s financial statements, created after thorough check of all records. Statement of Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet.
  5. Service option to set up weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly service goals to increase cash flow, improve processes, and their follow up.
  6. Custom service consultations and support to achieve more comprehensive and satisfying service.
  7. Cooperating with CPA, Payroll providers, Vendors, Tax lawyers, Bank loan officers and other professionals to offer complex support and desiring results.
  8. MG Money Management strategy implementation will bring to my clients complete control of their finances, become always profitable, and consistently increase the value of their business’, or even personal assets.





    Financial Growth




    Cash Flow Management

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